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When you need to celebrate an event, if you have guests and you don’t want or can’t organize it or in all those occasions that require particular attention and professionalism for the whole organization as well as for the food quality research, Vittoria Catering Banqueting is at your service. We guarantee your guests satisfaction in all your special moments.

We know how important, especially in this period, the economic aspect is: for this reason we have also studied menus for everyone, never losing the quality of our service.

Chef at home, a solution to your problems. Choose a menu together with the chef, or whoever will do the shopping for him, and he will cook directly in your own kitchen, using your cooker, of course for a reasonable number of people.

An even easier solution for small dinners at home, we can bring everything ready and warm to you and a waiter will do all the service, with our or your own dishes.

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