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We are Cesy and Sauro, owners of DH GROUP S.r.l.

With our 30-year experience in the trade market, we are the coordinators of Vittoria Catering & Banqueting since 1990.

Call us for a free quote or an inspection: our staff of professionals will be at your disposal to make your event special, always respecting your needs and your budget.

Vittoria Catering & Banqueting offers a high quality service. We are specialized in weddings, business dinners, gala dinners, meetings, conferences, banqueting, both in exclusive locations and at home. We are equipped for either a small dinner for a few guests as for a big party with more than a thousand guests.

Our services can also reach you at your private home: birthdays, parties, meetings…we’ll help you during all those events in which you don’t have time to organise the decorations and preparation of food.
Our highly selected and experienced staff will offer you a high standard service, so that you can comfortably enjoy your party, without thoughts.

So, relax and enjoy the moment!

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