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Gala dinners at your favourite location, in baroque villas, in the most beautiful medieval castles or in unique places such as theaters, everything organised in detail. Every event will be a success, because organized and customized according to your needs. Our managers will care the set up, the “mise en place”, the color of the tablecloths, the centerpieces, and so on, always respecting your budget.

Our chefs will cook in local kitchens or on our moving kitchens.

All locations inspections and food tasting (full menu) are free of charge.

Last Events

Bagni 61- beach

Gisella's birthday dinner 

Cena aziendale

Cena aziendale presso Cantina Guerrieri

Birthday party

Catia’s birthday party – 40 years

Monte Porzio wedding

Matteo and Pamela’s wedding 06/06/2015

Pergola wedding

Matteo and Alga’s wedding 20/06/2015

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